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February 2, 2017

The CHSO Winter Newsletter is about to hit the mailboxes of everyone on our mailing list!  Watch for it today!  It’s actually a very good “read” for those of you who are “fans” and members of Claflin Hill – a lot of great articles submitted by Board members and friends, giving you an “inside” peek into the workings of CHSO and the very many programs that are on going.

It also announces the launch of our 2017 Annual Appeal.   In 2016, Claflin Hill received the support of 197 members on our mailing list (which is now 2,300) totaling $94,222, including private donations and matching gifts.   While that number is impressive and accounts for just over half of all of our contributed income, imagine where it could be if we doubled the number of participants?  and imagine just how much more we could do ??? 

Our goal this year is to bring in at least 100 new donor members.   That number of $94,222 included gifts that ranged from $10 to $5,000.  No gift is too small to be a part of the growing cultural edifice we are building together.   

Everyone on our mailing list is there because they have had some connection to Claflin Hill – they’ve bought tickets to Symphony, enjoyed a free concert in the park, have had children in our Youth Orchestra – if they are on our mailing list, CHSO has had SOME impact on their life and improved the quality of their community.   Our orchestra is a TEAM, and our community is a TEAM too, working together to build a better community for themselves and their children. 

Don’t watch from the sidelines or the stands, let’s all get on the playing field and be a part of the success!

Thanks for your support, (and of course, GO PATRIOTS!)

2017 Newsletter

The 2017 Annual Appeal Newsletter is FULL of great stories.  

Download the full color PDF here. 

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Why your support matters.

Thanks to you, 2016 was a triumphant year for Claflin Hill’s 300+ professional and student musicians! Performance opportunities were made possible thanks to the support of our hundreds of donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations. These funds are necessary to support our programs, nurture talent, and pursue excellence both on and off the stage. Additionally, many supporters also contributed of their time and expertise serving on our Board of Directors and as volunteers at events and in the office.

The Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra (CHSO) and its smaller ensembles were able to perform at over 30 concerts in the region during the 2015-16 season, as well as to build upon our strong foundation by growing and enhancing the Claflin Hill Youth Symphonies – the future of Claflin Hill.

Believing that world-class training requires world-class teachers, our donors support the involvement of CHSO professional musicians to mentor, tutor and inspire Claflin Hill Youth Symphonies’ young musicians, elevating them, and taking them to a new level of performance. All of our musicians have a commitment and passion that is truly inspirational.

Just as important is the community of dedicated and generous people who love to see, hear and support the CHSO! Without you, we simply would not be able to do what we do with the high standards you rightly expect. Your contributions help to ensure that all of our important projects and programs continue into the future, and we are ever so grateful for your support. The CHSO is your orchestra. It is a one-of-a-kind amazing, valuable and genuine team of people who only want to bring great performances and inspiration to you.

You are important to us as not only our audience members, but as caretakers of this great organization and as the force that makes music more accessible, more meaningful and more affordable to us all – building community with music – through Claflin Hill. Your leadership and partnerships open the doors to experiences that forge powerful connections in our community. That’s what we’re building here – community – and we are a community-supported orchestra – YOUR Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra.

We appeal to you to make a gift tonight in order to ensure a strong future for live music in our region.  Please stop by the membership table at the back of the hall or visit and click ‘Donate.’

Thank you SO much for your support.

Susan McWade Surapine

Claflin Hill Board of Directors and Volunteer Coordinator