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Our recently completed “Fifteenth Anniversary Crystal CHSO Season” was a festive evening that featured “Cinema Musicale” – music from the great, classic Hollywood movies. Audience and orchestra members alike got into the spirit of the evening by dressing to the “Nines” and walking down the “Red Carpet” to have their pictures taken with friends, family, musicians, and myself as they entered the Hall.

ow are we going to top that? Last year we had “blockbuster after blockbuster” — in fact, it’s been going on for fifteen years now, thanks to the support of you and so many other concerned, involved and community-minded people.

We’ve become so much more than just an “orchestra” – we are a constantly growing, cultural and community force that convenes regularly – whether in the Grand Ballroom of our Town Hall, the Singh Performance Center in Whitinsville, concerts in Framingham and Wellesley with our Youth Orchestra, and of course, the 20 “al fresco” concerts that were held throughout the summer in Milford and surrounding communities.

As we launch into our next season, “Sweet Sixteen” and as we forge on into our own future, I am given to thinking more and more about this thing we’ve built together called Claflin Hill.   If I could be here 100 years from now, what will I find? Will it be the major and innovative symphony orchestra and culture it was promised to be? One that it aspires and dares to be?

Will the CHSO still be performing here in Milford at our beautiful Town Hall? Perhaps, by then, someone will have built a “Claflin Hill Symphony Hall!”   How many concerts will they be performing?  How big will the Youth Orchestra program have grown?  Will The CHSO have its own “Tanglewood” style “Summer Home” for concerts?  Will the CHSO audience and community support the organization as we have done, and will those who worked to keep it as a going concern have knowledge and appreciation of all that was done in the early days of struggle to bring it to life and sustain and grow it through the days of economic recession?

It is up to us, the founding generation, to continue the work we have begun so nobly, so that this cultural edifice will become stronger and stronger, ready to be handed to the next generation for stewardship.  In the end, the CHSO will be like a marker of immortality – something we can all put our name on that memorializes our time here in this life; proof of our existence.

Thanks for standing with us. We have a lot to be thankful for — and with that, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Here’s to another great season!                                                                      

~Paul Surapine