Music, Art & Dessert Come Together at Claflin Hill

The CHSO Board has been hard at work this summer brainstorming different ideas that will enhance your concert experience. We’re hoping you will be as thrilled as we are with this new concept of inviting local artists to display their work in the Grand Ballroom at our Town Hall concert venue.

Our vision has always been to build a community where the arts are alive, where music is from the heart, and where people feel like they are home.  This year, we will fulfill that vision by bringing the bare spaces under the balconies to life with exhibits by local artists and musicians, along with stellar programming by your CHSO.

To make this happen, the CHSO is collaborating with the Blackstone Valley Art Association.  Since 1957 the Blackstone Valley Art Association members have continued the original charter of offering a cultural dimension in the Valley by fostering interest in the arts through exhibitions, demonstrations and meetings. Founding members Alfred Demars, William Boyd and Raymond Sullivan knew there was a void in the region. A tremendous number of people nurtured the expansion and development of one of the oldest art associations in the area. Members such as Bernard Corey, Doris Daniels Cox, Michael Graves, Raymond Andreotti, Marilyn Rocks, Linda Sinacola, to name a few, have gone onto very successful careers.

Over the years professional galleries, old mills, public buildings, assisted living facilities and even a flower farm have been the venue for the many shows per year the BVAA has held. At this time, they have a major spring and fall show. With a growing contingency of photographers, their January Show at Alternatives/Uxbridge will exemplify the hidden talent in our region. BVAA participates in several other shows throughout the year in addition to their ongoing exhibit at the Milford Television Studio which changes every two months.

Please visit to check out all of thelatest activities, meetings, show awards, member activities and galleries in addition to our Facebook page and Google+. The BVAA is a diverse and eclectic group that enjoys art and camaraderie. If you enjoy art, they invite you to join them!

Featured Artists: Anne Diamond McNevin

Acclaimed Artist/photographer Anne Diamond McNevin will be featured at our Season Opener in November.  In 2007 Anne was accepted in the “Family of Artists” exhibit at the Danforth Museum. Since then she has exhibited her vast range of work from Cape Cod to Concord.

Anne has been photographing fairs, amusement parks and flea markets, which appeal to her for a variety of reasons. Anne stated, “The fairs and amusement parks contain a wealth of material, ranging from the bright lights, color, movement and excitement of the rides and attendees, which sometimes contrasts but is often enhanced by the equally dizzying range of the fair workers' engagement and sales abilities.  

Flea market displays reveal so much about the collector who is often the salesperson.  The breadth and type of collectibles is as vast as the things people are interested in.  Their enthusiasm and product knowledge, whatever the product, provides a constantly changing and photographable landscape.

Most of these pictures are in black and white so that the story of each one can be more easily emphasized and read.  Those that aren't are printed in muted colors in order to present a single idea hidden within the sometimes overwhelming stimulation of the subject matter.”  To learn more about Anne and her photography go to:  http://www.adiamondmcnevinphoto.comCHSO’s December Holiday Pops will feature ESP Master Potter and artist Teri Herel,  who is also a long-time member of the clarinet section in the CHSO! Teri creates hand-made unique, elegant gifts in creamy white stoneware with bright glazes and sparkling glass accents. (see page X for more on Teri!)

Finally, to make intermission more enjoyable for everyone, we have purchased high-top tables that will be set up throughout the hall for your comfort during intermission. We hope you’ll gather around, enjoy the art, your friends, and some good old fashioned desserts from The Claflin Hill Cafe during intermission!  

It is our hope that this new mix of art and music will bring added vitality to our already successful events, and that the eclectic nature of this collaboration will provide excitement and enjoyment for our audience members!