It WILL BE a very good year!

Yes, I know, it’s been a bit of time since the last installment!  It’s been a real “zoo” here at Claflin Hill since the end of August!   Although we had been working throughout the summer on preparations for the upcoming season, it still all avalanches down on us right after Labor Day – between Season Ticket renewals, Program book ad sales, finalizing the programming, confirming musicians in the orchestra, not to mention that at the same time, the Claflin Hill Youth Symphonies resume operations  – this year we have almost 100 aspiring young music students participating in our CHYS programs!!! 

The piles of work folders and “to-do” lists on my desks and tables here in the office have finally started to clear, and I’m starting to feel like the guy who was drowning in water 3 feet over his head, has finally gotten the water line down to about chest level and can breathe again!!!!

In spite of all of that, and in spite of the late evening hours back in the office after teaching all afternoon, it’s all GOOD.  In fact FUN, because we ARE Building something that is getting stronger, bigger and better.

Planning the launch of another CHSO Symphony year is kind of like planning a gigantic family re-union!

Dimitar Petkov, CHSO principal violist.

The musicians in the orchestra are “champing” at the bit, looking forward to our first rehearsal on Tuesday, November 1st, and I know that evening will be special – full of hugs, kisses, sharing of pictures of our kids, grandkids, special activities from the summer and then the much anticipated moment of finally sitting down together again and making some of the most gorgeous symphony music ever written come to life again in our hall.

Because we’re really a very small “operation” with myself as the main office worker, season ticket renewals have to be done by phone – patrons calling into the office to confirm their reservation of their seats from last year, and others who are calling because they had come to a concert or two last season and now would like to order the entire season.

And I get to have nice, sometimes 5 or 10 minute chats with them, as they share their opinions and excitement over another CHSO season about to unfold.   Really, that’s a pretty neat thing about Claflin Hill.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could call the Boston Symphony and place your order with the music director, and talk to him about what you like about the orchestra, or even what you would like to hear sometime soon!  So far, everyone I’ve spoken to are as excited as the orchestra musicians are about the upcoming season and programming.

The music for the first CHSO concert arrived via UPS last week and is now out in the mail to the orchestra members to begin their practice and preparations.   That’s almost like “Christmas gift” unwrapping – opening  boxes of orchestral scores and parts for Brahms, Beethoven and Mendelssohn – glancing at it for the first time and imagining the sounds we’ll bring to life.  Yes, life is pretty wonderful sometimes!

Next week, next installment I’m planning to write more about our first program, “In the Shadow of Ludwig van…” featuring Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, the Mendelssohn Symphony No. 5 and Johannes Brahms Symphony No. 4, but today I want to leave you all with another thought.

Our CHSO Alternatives Chamber Concert Series actually resumes on Friday evening, October 21st at 7:30 PM at the Alternative’s Whitin Mill Singh Performance Center in Whitinsville.

The opening concert features “Brass Venture” – which is a brass quintet made up of most of the CHSO Brass Principal players.  They are an enormously energetic, powerful and entertaining bunch and each of them individually is a major virtuoso on their instruments.   Together, they create a gorgeous brass choir sound and explore everything from Renaissance antiphonal music to New Orleans jazz. 

Remember the “Canadian Brass”???   “Brass Venture” is the CHSO version of that popular group.  They are great players, and they’re fun to be in the same room with, as their lively and sometimes comedic banter bouncing back and forth in between pieces is as entertaining as the music!!  I kind of always think of our brass guys as a big bunch of “Football” stars, sitting back there in the orchestra ready to unleash power at the wave of a hand.  Imagine them as “the Gronk” with musical instruments, and you’ll get the idea!!

Chamber music is a totally different experience for the ear and senses – the Singh Performance Center with its “stadium style” seating and small hall make for a quite intimate concert evening – you feel like you’re right there with the musicians as they play – almost like you had come to their living room to visit for an evening and they took out their horns and said, “hey, want to here this?”

If you haven’t tried the CHSO Alternatives Chamber Series yet, I urge you to think about coming over and being in our “living room” on Friday, October 21st.   You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee, and what a way to jump start the Claflin Hill season!

See you all soon, more to talk about next week.  (no more vacations or boating trips, but I guess the upside of the end of summer is the beginning of CHSO again !!! – as Bill Murray would say, “I guess we’ve got that going for us!”

Paul Surapine