It WILL Be A VERY Good Year!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016    10:30 AM . . .

Well, back to the blog undertaking!   I hope everyone has been having a great summer so far – I’m in the office for a few minutes today, just before heading up to Bridgton, Maine and our Aunt Eva’s house on Long Lake for an extended weekend stay, hopefully full of sun filled days out on the water, early mornings sitting on the dock by the water’s edge, watching the morning mist lift off the lake, and hearing the calling of the loons as they float up and down the eleven miles plus expanse of gorgeous Maine vista.

It’s been a good summer so far here at Claflin Hill – Family Night at the Bandstand is in full “swing” (actually the Fantasy Big Band is coming next week for an evening of Swing Era classics!) – and believe or not, we’ve already completed the season programming for this coming season of CHSO concerts!

Fantasy Big Band at Family Night at the Bandstand

As I related in my springtime missives, planning a symphony season is a sometimes long process of waiting for ideas and inspirations to occur – I may start with one idea and as weeks of contemplation over that idea cook away in my head, it may take us in a different direction altogether.

The “Muses” struck early this year – and I’m TOTALLY excited by the menu of great music we’ve laid out for our communal sharing and exploration.   You can already view the roster of concerts on the website, and season tickets will go on sale in mid-August.  Watch for more details in those email blasts from Bernadette soon.

I even love our season “tag-line” – “It WILL Be A VERY Good Year”   which in a sense, pays tribute to the great ending of last year’s season, referencing the Sinatra classic which was so perfectly performed by the orchestra and Tommy Gatturna on our April season finale, and after all – this is our Seventeenth Season.   “When I was seventeen . . ."

I started out hoping to program a number of great Symphonies of the repertoire – I had Brahms in mind, and Jean Sibelius, the Finnish composer, and a few others.  I wanted to make this season an “exploration” of the “Symphony” form – performing those great “chestnuts” of our repertoire that we’ve yet to present, but also keeping true to our Claflin Hill concept of “fusion cuisine” for music – presenting great classics AND music that may be more familiar to audience members.

The tricky aspect of doing that when you’re playing something like a Brahms symphony is – what do you pair that with on the same night that will seem appropriate to the beauty and exquisiteness of his music – or any of the other amazing and stellar composers of our culture.   You don’t want to serve a “filet mignon” alongside of a Twinkie, for instance!!!

But, as I said, the “Muses” awoke early, and all sorts of ideas came into play and quickly it evolved into a lineup of works that excite me and also all of the musicians of the orchestra, who – as they sent in their confirmations for work during the season, all commented on what a terrific program we have to look forward to.

I’ll write more about upcoming concerts when I return from Maine, starting with our season opener, “In the Shadow of Ludwig Van . . “ and going through the season with you.

I know you’re all going to LOVE this season’s offerings – and I guarantee it will be a fitting continuation of the Claflin Hill “mystique” that has become our trademark as an orchestra.

Watch for more news soon, and by the way, if you haven’t been to Family Night at the Bandstand, be sure to put that on your calendar –every Tuesday night at Milford Town Park through August 23rd.   And Claflin Hill will be visiting Grafton, Whitinsville and Blackstone coming up this summer too!

Off to Maine.  I have to go pack the boat now.

Paul Surapine