Attendance, Tuition and Other Policies


In order to maintain the performance level goals of the orchestra, insure the success of each student in their progress, and honor the commitment of all the other members of the orchestra to the ensemble and each other, it is obvious that attendance expectations are very high and that students must commit to weekly Sunday afternoon rehearsals, to arriving on time to each rehearsal, (which means arriving 15 minutes prior to set up and warm up.)

 Wind Ensemble rehearsals begin promptly at 12:30 PM until 2:15 pm, Chamber ensembles from 12:30 - 2:15, and Repertory Ensemble meets from 3:00 pm to 4:45 PM,  Youth Orchestra rehearsal begins promptly at 3 PM until 5:15.

The rehearsal start time is the start time on stage of the entire orchestra, ready to go to work, not the time that students should be walking in the door.

The full rehearsal and performance schedule is published before September, providing both rehearsal and performance dates, which makes it possible for students and families to know well in advance what their commitment will be during the course of the season.

If a student must miss a rehearsal because of a family or school commitment or sickness, it is expected that they register their absence by the morning of the rehearsal online.

Students who miss more than 3 rehearsals in one semester will be subject to review and considered for dismissal without refund of tuition. 

We fully realize that music students are extremely busy in this society today, with school music activities, theater productions, family obligations and sports, and we strive to be as understanding and supportive in order to insure their continued participation in the Youth Orchestra, however, when they miss too many rehearsals, they will not be performing up to the level of their fellow students, and they are also disrespecting the commitment of those fellow students at the same time.

Private Study

It is IMPERATIVE and REQUIRED that all students be studying with a private instructor at the time of their audition and acceptance to CHYS, and that they continue their private instruction throughout their tenure in the orchestra.

It is expected that students will be working on their CHYS music with their private teachers, to learn their parts, and solve any problems in the music before rehearsal. 

It is expected that students provide CHYS with the name and contact info of their private instructor – they are a part of the team effort in building the orchestra.

Students who discontinue their private lessons are subject to dismissal from CHYS. 

Tuition fees*:

Tuition is $575 for the academic year for Senior Youth Orchestra

$375 for the academic year for Repertory Ensemble and the Wind Ensemble

$275 per year for Chamber Ensembles.

Combination orchestra AND wind ensemble: $675

Families who have multiple students in CHYS ensembles will be extended a discounted rate on the second student’s tuition of 10%.

Tuition is due by the first rehearsal in September, and can be made by check, cash or credit card.


  • Adult: $7

  • Student: $5

  • Senior: $5

  • Veteran: $5

  • Family: $20


* Fees are subject to change