Claflin Hill Youth Symphonies ~ Rehearsal Manager Duties

1. Review the rehearsal manager schedule, if you cannot serve as rehearsal manager on the day you have been assigned, please arrange to trade dates with another family and let the Chair of Claflin Hill Youth Symphony know about the trade.

2. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early (around 2:30) for rehearsal and plan to stay for the entire rehearsal (5:30). You are the assigned additional adult presence and will be there to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency (please be sure to have fully charged cell phone with you)  

3. Bring snacks for the orchestra rehearsal break. We have about 40 musicians in Claflin Hill Youth Symphony. Here’s an example of what you could bring: 3 Large bags of chips, 1 Large bag of pretzels, 2 boxes of cookies (about 50 large cookies) and 3 lbs of grapes. Water is the preferred drink so please bring water for all . Please use your judgment as far as the snacks go, healthy alternatives are welcome! Please : NO snacks with nuts. Please bring approximately 50 cups (for snack) and 100 napkins. Please make sure there are snacks with a Kosher symbol on the package. The most common symbols are K and U in a circle (see od/guidetokosherfoodlabels/ss/symbols.htm, or image below). Many of the snacks (Lay’s potato chips etc.) have the symbol.

4. The Rehearsal Manager book with instructions is in Mr. Surapine’s music stand (the one with the extra shelf, on stage). The key to all our locks is inside this book, through one of the binder rings. The same key unlocks both storage bays (off hall to right of stage).  The Rehearsal Manager book may also be on the table as you enter the auditorium because Claflin Hill Repertory Ensemble rehearses prior to Claflin Hill Youth Symphony

5. Place the Conductor’s platform at the front of the stage.

6. At the conclusion of the Claflin Hill Repertory Ensemble  rehearsal (approximately 2:30pm),  set up the stage (chairs and stands) for the Claflin Hill Youth Symphony rehearsal according to diagram in Rehearsal Manager book.  Strings share a stand, all others have their own, including percussion (and bass strings).

7. Set up snacks in small room in back of auditorium. Snack break usually occurs around 4:00 and lasts about 10 minutes.

8. After snacks, clean up area.  There is a carpet sweeper in the storage bay.

9. After rehearsal help stack chairs and return the music stands to the area around the piano. The students usually help. Replace the Rehearsal Manager book and the key in Mr. Surapine’s music stand. Make sure the storage area is locked.

Please try to leave the space in a better condition than you found it!!!

Thank you very much!